Kids Nordstrom Sale Picks

The Nordstrom Sale is a great time to get your kids new clothing and accessories for the up coming school year. The first items I always get mine are winter coats. It’s the perfect time to get them a nice coat for a discounted rate. The second is shoes, do your kids feet grow at an astronomical rate?! Here are some of my favorite picks that are currently still in stock.

  1. Boys North Face – my son has this exact coat from last year, perfect for the play ground on cold days
  2. Girls North Face – this jacket is super cozy and love the color, my daughter has this from last years sale and it was wonderful for the cool fall days
  3. Athleisure – these are the only clothes my son likes to currently wear, you can never go wrong with these!
  4. Native Shoes – I love the blue and orange colors for fall, if you live somewhere where it stays warm this would be a great fall shoe
  5. Nike Shoes – every boy need a good pair of athletic shoes and the velcro is just a bonus on the busy mornings
  6. Vans – who doesn’t love a pair of vans, these cute pink high tops are a must
  7. Moto leggings – these will be perfect for under dresses and sweaters this fall/winter and would great with the pink vans!
  8. Bib – these are our favorite bibs, easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  9. Baby Bling Bows – one of our favorite bows and come in several colors
  10. Little Giraffe Blanket – this is my daughters favorite blanket, its so soft and  it would make a great baby shower gift

Happy Shopping!


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