Jord Watch Review

Where have watches gone? Now that everyone has a cell phone in hand all of the time, you just don’t see people wearing watches, unless of course it is a smart watch. I love the look of a watch (I am or may not look at it) but it is a great accessory for any outfit. I was lucky to have Jord Watches reach out to me to do a collaboration (my first ever!) I was a little hesitant at first, as I didn’t know much about their watches, but once I looked at their website and all of their beautiful watches I was so excited to work with them.


About Jord

When approached by Jord, one of the fist things I did was read about the company. I was fascinated by what they stand for. “We value sustainability, efficiency, and experiential living.” – Jord. When looking at the watches you can find out the sustainability of the wood, it tells if it is on the CITES Appendices, IUCN Red List and the vulnerability of the trees themselves. They are extremely careful that the wood they use is not from vulnerable trees which I absolutely loved!


The Watch

The wooden watches, are absolutely gorgeous and have a timeless yet modern look. They offer so many different color variations with metals mixed in. I choose the Cassia in Zebra and Ivory, I was drawn to delicate band and large face, plus I love the gold mixed in with the wood. Being made of wood the watch itself is light weight and comfortable to wear.


When I received watch (in literally 3 days) the packing was absolutely gorgeous. The watch comes in a beautiful wood box, that has a small drawer to place your extra links or other items in. This presentation of the box and the watch itself are both engravable, making these amazing, unique gifts.



Click here to enter!

Enter the giveaway to get a $100 gift voucher to use towards your own stylish Jord Watch! One lucky person will win, but all entrants will receive a 10% coupon code just for entering! Check out their website here to figure out which watch you want.

Even if you don’t enter the giveaway, you need to go to the website and check out these watches, they are absolutely gorgeous! Click here!

Thanks for reading and happy shopping!


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